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Educate a child

Noncent's Story

At Mona, we often say “educate a child and change a world.”" In fact, we love the notion so much that it’s on the back of our info-pamphlet. The idea that education is an essential building block for change is fundamental to Mona’s mission. 

It’s easy to make a general phrase backed by emotion rather than facts. Changing the world is big goal. Impressive and inspiring as such a phrase is, I’m one that gravitates towards tangible data.

Maybe you agree with me, maybe you don’t. Regardless, Mona’s global impact on access to education and gender equality is undeniable. As I sift through project updates, I’m continuously touched by the impact education has on each student’s life. Noncent’s story is one that was particularly inspiring and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Noncent & Anis Zunuzi

The youngest of three in a family supported by a single mother, Noncent Stevenson would travel dozens of kilometers on his way to and from Anis Zunuzi school each day.

His mother sold spices and used clothes in the Capital to raise money for her family but never had enough to pay for Noncent's transportation costs. Nonetheless, Noncent was always among the first to arrive and last to leave school each day.

Cité Soleil, Noncent's hometown, is known for its destitution and insecurity. Recognizing Noncent's dedication and difficult home situation the teachers at Zunuzi matched Noncent with a scholarship from Mona. 

When he began classes at Zunuzi in 2008, Noncent never imagined he'd make it as far as he has. This year, Noncent passed the required national exams and graduated from high school. 

Recently, Noncent moved closer to the school and became an animator for a junior youth group of 10 students. Inspired by the opportunity he was given, Noncent hopes to teach at Anis Zunuzi one day, and eventually, support a student financially as was done for him.   "I promise you, one day when I'm bigger, I will help someone else who is in need," Noncent said.

Motivated by Data? 

Look at the facts

  • 90 percent of Zunuzi students graduate from seccondary school

  • 48 percent of students at Zunuzi are girls

  • No corporal punishment (prevalent in Hatian public schools)

  • Zunuzi provides a loving and caring atmosphere

  • The school offers extracurriculars including, academics, music and art

  • Students are involved: Created a youth empowerment program

Look at the graphs*












Want more? Explore the Zunuzi Facebook album, donate to Zunuzi project directly and read more about Anis Zunuzi School on Mona Foundation's Website. Next week we look into in the creation of Digital Study Hall through an op-ed with Paul Javid, co-founder of Cody Inc and son of Mona Foundation's founder. 


Until then,

 Synnove Vandal
 Strategic Communications Intern

*Data displayed in percentages, in comparison to Haiti national averages

It's thanks to the Mona Foundation that I was able to achieve this," Noncent said. "If it wasn't for that, I never would have been able to complete high school and become the graduate that I am today.