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Sanyou Village Dance Team

Many women in Sanyou Village have found solace and tradition in the Environmental Action Program (EAP) a program of the Badi Foundation.  Facilitators meet weekly with women in Sanyou Village to discuss environmental action and assist with community activities. On International Women's Day, EAP facilitators encouraged women in the group to create a plan that would engage their community.


The women in EAP wanted to perform a Yangko dance for the day of festivities, but none knew the traditional folk movements. Determined to learn, they reached out to others in their community and were able to connect with a dance teacher in a nearby county who volunteered her time to teach the women.


Spending their own money, the women traveled to local shops looking for music, props and inspiration from traditional folk art. After the successful conclusion of Women's Day, the dance team continued to search for performance opportunities, soon forming an official dance group. Preformances became a community effort, with the village’s men escorting women to performance venues.


After earning over 800 yuan in prize money from their performances, the women are now deciding what development projects to pursue as they reinvest the money they've earned back into their village, continuing to dance and religiously attend weekly courses regardless of the oftentimes harsh weather conditions.


One tiny seed, a weekly environmental education class, blossomed into a cultural oasis enabling women to connect and bring a traditional dance back to their community.


What's more, that seed has begun to spread, as nearby villages take notice of the program and reach out for help. Representative Yujun from Sanyou Village is planning a visit to Dangyan Village to help develop an implementation plan after the neighboring village expressed their desire for the same program.  

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Until then,

 Synnove Vandal
 Strategic Communications Intern