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Mona in La Mesa

Mid morning on a beautiful sun filled September day in La Mesa, California, fifty people gathered with open hearts to learn more about the transformative work and the mission of the Mona Foundation. 



The hosts of the event, Nadia and Prabakar Mahalingam, opened their home and created within it a place where the community could gather in fellowship, with the unifying goal of supporting education, especially of girls, in a world where historically girls have been overlooked and undereducated. 



People enjoyed a beautiful brunch, and after all were fed, the program began. Prabakar Mahalingam, the host, opened the event, which was dedicated to the memory of Mina Eskandari, in a warm welcome to all that gathered to support, learn about, and consider contributing to the international work of the Mona Foundation. The community’s children then gathered together to sing a prayer for the education of children around the world. After which, a uplifting song was sung by Julie Iraninejad about the vital importance education plays in the world. Heather Hays Eady introduced the keynote speaker, well known actor, and Mona Foundation board member, Rainn Wilson. 



Rainn Wilson shared his humor, his wisdom, and his heart with all who gathered to learn of the good work the Mona foundation is doing around the world to support the ongoing education of girls and women. Rainn was able to educate by eloquently communicating how we as individuals can unite to support the efforts of the Mona Foundation in its mission to educate, and transform children’s lives throughout the world. He reminded those gathered of the importance of education, in the words of Baha'u'llah, “Regard man as a mine rich in gems of inestimable value. Education can, alone, cause it to reveal its treasures, and enable mankind to benefit therefrom.”



The heartfelt love, unity, and sense of purpose created by this event inspired every person in attendance to support the Mona Foundation in both small and large ways, either by monetary contribution, or service to this community event, and gave freely to the Mona Foundation. With this shared sense of purpose and with hearts filled with desire to be of service to humanity, all were touched by the mission and exciting work of the Mona Foundation.



Written by: Heather Hays Eady