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Build a Better World

Just a week ago on September 21st, representatives from Mona had the pleasure to be invited to a celebration of the Build a Better World Foundation’s official designation as a nonprofit. This celebration not only represented the hard work of the foundation’s founder Kristy Corwin and her team, but the legacy of her grandparents Russell and Gina Garcia. Amongst their several accomplishments, Russell as a composer and Gina as a singer and author, they worked hard to help provide children everywhere with access to better education. It was their dedication to both Music and Education that inspired Corwin to start the Build a Better World Foundation in 2016. The Foundation directly supports youth by sponsoring charity concerts and events, which helps facilitate youth participation in the arts. They also raise money for the causes which they believe to be the pillars of the better world, which include education, social justice, natural health, sustainability, and the arts.


The event on the 21st showcased the Build a Better World Foundation’s commitment to their pillars of the better world by raising money for organizations that help achieve them. This includes Mona Foundation, as we were graciously given $500, which will provide several students will a full year scholarship in their respective schools. We were honored to have been chosen among other foundations such as Lide, Full Circle Learning, and the Earth Citizen Organization.


We again want to thank Kristy Corwin and her team, and we cannot wait to see all that the Build a Better World Foundation accomplishes under their new status as a nonprofit!


To learn more about the Build a Better World Foundation, click here