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Game Night in a Can

Throughout the beginning of August, Mona Foundation has been blessed to receive the support of Game Night in a Can, a collection of 30 original games! They have kindly offered to donate all profits from their Amazon sales to the Barli Institute, up until August 15th. In these last few days, we wished to share how Game Night in a Can got started, and how they decided to work with Mona. In the words of Jason Lautenschleger, one of the founders of Game Night in a Can,


“Barry (McLaughlin) and I have been collaborating for 20 years. We started in a comedy band, playing music in the halls of UCLA and the clubs on Sunset Blvd in the 90s and 2000s (we were actually opening a bunch of shows for Kara’s Flowers at the time—before they eventually became Maroon 5). Over time, we grew and our act turned into a comedy troupe that finally turned into a sort of Live Comedy Game Show. We didn’t quite know what we had on our hands, but we definitely had a blast getting people up on stage and getting their bodies and brains to work in creative new ways. The original games we’ve created have always been about creativity and laughs. And our belief has always been that everyone is creative. One night, while hosting one of these live events where teams were coming up with new national anthems and participating in paper airplane challenges, we thought, “there has to be a play-at-home version of this.” Thus, the idea for Game Night in a Can was born. We got funded on Kickstarter (thanks to shout-outs from Sara Bareilles, Jeremy Sisto, Chris Hardwick on the @nerdist podcast and James Valentine of Maroon 5) and started selling on Amazon the following year.”



Since they began selling on Amazon, Game Night in a Can has entertained countless families, with members of all ages. With their success, Barry and Jason wanted to use Game Night in a Can to give back.


“We’ve always been socially conscious about what we’re doing. For instance, because we ask players to use paper for a lot of the games and challenges, we plant a tree for every can we sell through Trees for the Future. I personally have been involved with Mona for over a decade since my wife, Katie Delahanty, has been working for Diane Samandi. I remember hearing Rainn Wilson talk about Mona about 10 years ago and there were things that really resonated with me. I liked that each dollar seemed to be more focused on the right things and that no imposition of will or beliefs was attached to the funds that were raised. I like that it’s not a charity. I like that it’s an empowering force that can be felt and witnessed for generations. I like that it seeks to do the most good. Mona waters the best seeds in the most fertile soil. Honestly, Game Night in a Can is honored to be able to help such a wonderful, selfless foundation like the Mona Foundation. Even though our campaign isn’t done this year, we’re already planning on how to make next year’s collaboration even greater!”


Working with the creators of Game Night in a Can has been an absolute pleasure, and we look forward to working with them again in the future. To purchase your own Game Night in a Can to benefit Mona, click the link here.


Make sure also to follow all of Game Night in a Can’s social media:

Twitter: @gamenightinacan

Facebook: Game Night In A Can

Instagram: gamenightinacan