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Chloe's Story

We at Mona are extremely lucky to have such an amazing support base, and we are especially lucky to have a growing group of junior youth supporters. That is why we wanted to shine a spotlight on one of our most inspiring youth supporters, Chloe Rastegar! Chloe just recently finished her Junior year at Palos Verdes Peninsula High School, and is already one of Mona’s most avid supporters and is a member of Mona’s Board of Advisors. Chloe and her family first became really involved with Mona after the passing of Chloe’s Grandmother, who had taught her family the importance of getting a good education. Chloe’s family hosted a fundraiser for Mona to honor her Grandmother, and have been highly involved ever since. Chloe has not only done great work for Mona on her own, but she has inspired several young students to support Mona as well! Earlier this year, Chloe founded the Palos Verdes Peninsula Global Citizens Club. When asked why she started the club, Chloe said


“I founded the Palos Verdes Peninsula Global Citizens Club to raise awareness of international development, global citizenship and how students may have an impact on the betterment of the world even while in high school. As President of the club, I organize all meetings, volunteer opportunities, events and fundraisers that serve the community and promote Mona Foundation. The club specifically works with Mona because we recognize the significance of many of Mona Foundation’s core values such as the power of education, equality and increasing opportunities for women and girls.”


Just recently, Chloe and the PVP Global Citizens wanted to raise money for Mona, and thought of an extremely unique way of doing it. They designed bags and sold over 60 of them! While talking about the process to make and sell the bags, Chloe said


“At first, I created a very simple design on my own of words in various fonts that I liked. The words described what education means to so many people around the world. Pretty quickly, I found the design filled with words such as success, strength independence and power. Next, I contacted my talented friend and artist, Maya Cardinali to add some artistic drawings to what I created. Lastly, I contacted various manufacturers and tested out different bags to ensure that the final product would be of the highest quality. A couple months later, over 60 bags were sold, raising a total of $995 for Mona Foundation! I’d like to thank Maya for helping with the design. She is so creative and gifted and I would love for  people  to check out her art pieces, many of which may be purchased (her Instagram is”


We are seeing great progress in getting disadvantaged students proper education, but we still have a long way to go. That is why it is so amazing to see young people like Chloe and the PVP Global Citizens getting involved. It is because of them that we can rest assured that girls education will not only be a priority today, but for years to come. In Chloe’s own words


“It’s important for youth to get involved because we have the resources to make a change. No matter how old you are, it’s great to get involved with service but there’s something special about getting involved when you’re younger because giving to others becomes a part of you as you grow older. I believe in Mona Foundation’s mission because it is so foreword thinking. I love that Mona encourages that women and young girls all over the world to demand more for themselves. Mona teaches girls to get an education, to become independent, and to demand equal treatment. It’s so important that women continue to pass down these powerful ideals.”


To learn more about the work being done by the PVP Global Citizens, follow their Twitter and Instagram