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Christopher's 3 Jars

We at Mona are extremely excited to announce that one of our wonderful junior youth supporters, Christopher, has launched his own fundraising campaign, "Christopher's 3 Jar Campaign" to support the education of 6 children in Haiti through Mona Foundation.


Growing up, Christopher’s parents encouraged the importance of giving back to the community and had always inspired Christopher and his sister Ariana to always think of ways to help others. Christopher creatively thought of his own way of doing that:  Christopher’s 3 Jars!   Every week he gets a $10 allowance. He puts some money in his “Spending” jar, some in his “Saving” jar, and then some in his “Giving” jar.   So far with the funds from his “Giving Jar” he has been able to purchase two chickens and two stoves through Heifer International Charity.   

This year, he was looking for another charity, and his Mom helped him research a few foundations including Mona Foundation. Christopher researched Mona by reading about several projects that Mona supports and decided to donate all his “Giving” jar, AND a part of his Christmas gift money, for a total of $226.60 to SunFlower mission project.   When asked why he selected SunFlower Mission, Christopher answered “because they educate children that really need it.”It’s a lesson for all of us to learn on how to manage the money we earn:  Spend some and enjoy life; Save some for future, AND Give some to make a difference and build a better world for all children.  

Christopher believes that Youth Can Change the World. This is why Christopher will be launching the Christopher’s Jars campaign. He wants your help to raise $468 by Thanksgiving for his giving jar, which will be enough to fund a scholarship for a whole year for 6 students at Georges Marcellus, a program supported by Mona that educates some of the poorest children in Haiti.




Are you interested in supporting Christopher and his campaign? There are two way you can help!

1.    Click here to donate, subscribe, and join Christopher’s GoFundMe page.  You will receive regular updates, and can share your own giving stories with your friends, classmates and family and begin making a difference too.

2.    Make your own 3 jars and set aside money to give to your favorite program. Christopher wants to encourage everyone - children, youth, and grownups, to join him and practice SAVE, SPEND, GIVE every day!


Please donate, not only to support Christopher and his goal, but to give a child in Haiti the opportunity of education. We are so proud of Christopher and hope that everyone will join his Campaign so that we can educate more children everywhere. For more information contact or call 425.743.4550.


Make sure to subscribe to project updates stay in tune with the campaign!