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Ferrodin's Story

Ferrodin Neudza, one of Mona Foundation’s scholarship recipients, is an 11th grader at Anis Zunuzi School in Haiti. She is the first born, and the only girl in a family of three.  She came to Anis Zunuzi in 2016 and immediately distinguished herself because of her intense desire to learn and her positive attitude.  Despite being new, she became Class President shortly after she arrived. Here is her story in her own words:


“For the last two years I was the only one able to go to school in my family. The other children could not go because of lack of funds. This year none of us were going to attend because things were even more difficult than previous years. My father has not worked for several years. He put all his hopes on a motorbike to provide for his family. My mother who sells shoes leaves home each morning and comes home sometimes in the afternoon exhausted. The financial situation of our family is not good and my brothers and I suffer constantly from hunger. We often eat only one meal a day and sometimes we go through the whole day with nothing. Our situation is not an uplifting one and we wait for a day where we will see an improvement in our situation. Informed and deeply touched by the situation of my family, and of myself in particular,the people in charge of the Zunuzi school gave me a scholarship from the Mona Foundation. I rejoiced at this opportunity on one hand and on the other I was sad because of the situation of my brothers who were still uncertain about their situation, but fortunately the scholarship also allowed my brothers to attend school as well.  We leave every morning together and we come home, contrary to the past where I was the only one leaving the house each day.


Arriving at school I was received as if it was my family. The children accepted me immediately and made me part of their teams. I was happy. I love school for what it is:  its exceptional manner of functioning, its level of cleanliness, its services, programs etc. I feel better supported than before. I feel I belong to a new family and I am proud. I feel loved by the directors of the school who offer me the possibility of growing every day and I take advantage of it.


On behalf of myself, my bothers, and all the other Mona foundation scholarship recipients, I want from the depths of our beings to express our gratitude to the Mona Foundation and our most fervent thanks for this great gesture of love and humanity to our school.”


Mona Foundation does what we do because we believe Education Changes Everything.                   

"Arriving at school I was received as if it was my family"