Alceus Duvensky’s Story

Despite all the help received from other countries, and while small progress is made here and there, Haiti continues to be one the poorest nations in the western hemisphere. 80% of people earn less than $2/day, and 8 out of every 10 people worry about being hungry the next day.

Educating the children of Haiti so that they can provide for themselves and lead the development of their own country is the only ray of hope on the Horizon.    Georges Marcellus School is one of these schools with 200 students.  It is located in Guerot a farming community where most residents work in the fields.   Due to extreme poverty in the area, 95% of school’s budget is provided by the Mona Foundation.

Alceus Duvensky is one of Georges Marcellus students. Alceus is very, very smart and intelligent and is continuously earning the highest marks in his classes.

As many of the children living in the area, Alceus’ family comes from a very impoverished background where average wage is less than $2 a day. When the crop is bad, the parents’ income is even less than that and his parents are not able to even pay the minimum school fee of $1 per month which is put in place to give the parents and the community a sense of ownership of the school. This fee is of course supplemented by Mona Foundation to cover books and school supplies, uniforms, a meal a day, and teachers’ salaries.

Last year, Alceus stopped coming to school. His teachers became very concerned and visited with his family to find out why. The family reluctantly said that they were unable to pay his school fee of $1/month and could not afford to send him to school anymore. The school administrators immediately agreed to waive the fee and admit him free of charge so that he could continue coming to school. Since then, Alceus has stayed in school, is diligently studying, and is maintaining his place at the top of his class.

Alceus said, “I love to learn!  Thank you for your support.  I am very happy that I can go to school every day.”


Mona Foundation just completed building the kitchen for Georges Marcellus so that all the kids could receive a hot meal a day and is in the process of completing the water and sanitation project to protect the health and safety of the kids against cholera and typhoid.

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