We partner with local organizations to sustain impact.

We believe change is sustainable when the local community is the principal actor in defining, analyzing and solving its own problems. We identify and select promising grassroots educational initiatives, and then provide long-term support to make the most impact.

Where We Work

In 2018, Mona supported the education and empowerment of 411,324 students in 16 projects in 10 countries.

Our Approach

Mona Foundation employs a unique strategy to its work. Many foundations are seed funders that support projects for a defined period. In comparison, Mona develops long-term relationships with locally operated organizations and provides funding over multiple years (six years on average).

Over the last 50 years, experience with international development has shown that progress is not a package that can be delivered by the “developed” to the “underdeveloped,” but rather a process in which entire populations must participate in one way or another. Mona Foundation works to identify promising local educational initiatives at the grassroots and accompanies them long-term to put their plans into action.  The impact of this strategy has been dramatic. Several of our partner projects have grown from very humble beginnings to fully-fledged institutions that are widely recognized for the quality and effectiveness of their educational programs.

What Differentiates Mona?

Mona supports grassroots educational programs that take a holistic approach to developing the academic, artistic, and ethical capabilities of their students. This transforms individuals to become agents of social change in service to their families and communities. Visible change happens in all the projects we support because:

We select grassroots educational initiatives with a proven record of success and that are supported by the local community. As part of our selection process, we visit each site to ensure alignment with our mission and focus areas.

We find locally operated programs that educate people of all backgrounds and focus on academic excellence, character education and improving the status of girls and women. Mona Foundation believes that sustainable development is a process of building capacity at the grassroots where local people own their own development. They consult on community issues, make and implement plans, reflect on results, and apply learnings to the next phase to ensure progress year over year. This is the only way we know how to break the destructive cycle of dependency and enable lasting prosperity in communities.

We apply an uncommon strategy to our work. While many foundations are “seed  funders, ” supporting projects that have a beginning and an end, we develop long-term relationships with educational programs and provide them multi-year funding (six years on average and some for 10-12 years).   Long-term funding provides stability and enables the project to grow systematically. The effect of this strategy has been dramatic. We have helped several partner projects grow from humble beginnings, like an orphanage or a kindergarten with 2-3 students,  to recognized educational institutions, including three that are now universities.

Education’s unique power to transform lives can only be fully realized when it is holistic, universal and equitable. Mona Foundation partners with organizations that support education for all using a gender inclusive approach to ensure that girls  – supported by educated men and boys – regardless of their income, location, ethnicity – have equal access to schooling, and equally participate in all aspects of community life, Including social and economic development initiatives.

With our long-term funding model, Mona Foundation has a track record of selecting viable, effective educational programs with strong community support, which makes your money go further. You can donate to one program or to several and be confident that 85 percent of your donations go directly to the projects that Mona Foundation supports.

1 = 100

Educating 1 woman impacts 100 lives.

It is a proven fact that educating women is the most effective way to reduce global poverty.

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Our Corporate Sponsors

Many companies believe that their mission is more than their profit and want to give back. They take an active part in the life of the communities in which they operate, and give back in variety of ways. Mona Foundation enjoys the support of many small and large businesses and corporations. We are deeply grateful to them for their sponsorship and acknowledge their significant contributions to advancing our objectives.

Our people

The Mona Foundation Board of Directors, Advisory Board, staff, volunteers, including youth and children, or organizations that provide us with their pro bono professional services, are committed to the core values of justice and service and work hard every day to build a better world for all of our children. Our extended community includes the local leaders in each of the projects we support. Visit our project pages to learn more.

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