Other Initiatives

Other Initiatives

On occasion, our donors bring to our attention other projects they support that they would like to see have more exposure. In such cases we may accept to receive funds on behalf of these educational initiatives supported by our donors if:

  1. The program/educational initiative meets all of Mona’s selection and funding criteria including addressing gender equality and education which leads to community transformation.
  2. There is commitment from other supporters to raise the funds on these projects’ behalf.
  3. We agree to accept and send funds on their behalf but, as with our other partner projects, we will have oversight and will review the projects annually to ensure that they remain aligned with our goals.
  4. We will label these projects in our correspondence or on website as “Other Initiatives” to differentiate them from our “Partner Projects” which we have adopted for long-term support.  To these initatiives will apply a 5% administration fee to cover associated costs.

On this page, you will find a summary of our donor-supported educational initiatives which we currently are not able to financially support but that we we believe have merit.

Tilling and Odusai Schools, Uganda

Founded in 1950, and despite severe economic constraints, Tilling and Odusai schools have been educating thousands of students in Uganda since the 1950's.

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